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What Do You Miss Out On When You Don’t Choose a Fully Trained Professional?

Periodic Carpet Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning is an Unregulated Industry, Literally Anyone Could Be Entering Your Home Tomorrow.

Fully trained carpet cleaners can provide you with a vastly higher return on investment. Many customers are unaware of the benefits of choosing a professional with the right credentials to perform the job, and regrettably end up selecting based on price only.

But, what are you really missing out on if the cleaner you chose is not a certified professional?

Untrained carpet cleaner could fail to provide you with:

✓ Appropriate chemical selection for your type of carpet
✓ Top quality cleaning solutions for different carpet problems
✓ Expert stain removal
✓ Expert heavy soil removal
✓ High performance equipment
✓ Special care for wool carpets
✓ Durability of results (re-soiling may occur just a few weeks later if poor extraction is conducted)
✓ Healthy carpet (zero residue = no harsh chemicals left in your carpet)
✓ Trustworthy and honest
✓ Fully insured business
✓ After service follow up
✓ 100% money back guarantee

Fully Trained Carpet Cleaner Badge

Chem-Dry On The Spot operators are Chem-Dry’s Certified 5-Star Master Technicians. This logo provides assurance to our customers that they will be serviced by a technician with the highest level of knowledge about customer service, cleaning techniques for all types of carpet, fabric upholstery, rug cleaning and tile & grout cleaning. We are determined to provide you with impeccable service of the highest order, and to delight you by exceeding your expectations of us.

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What Is Your Reason For Carpet Cleaning Today? 

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  • Cleaning after Pets
    • Pet Urine Removal
  • Pre maturity Cleaning
    • Pre Baby Arrival Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
    • Carpet Stain Removal
  • End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning
    • End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning
  • Periodic Cleaning
    • Periodic Cleaning
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  • Carpet Cleaning Before & After
  • Carpet Cleaning Before & After
  • Stairs Carpet Cleaning
  • ChemDry Carpet Cleaning Before & After
  • On The Spot Carpet Cleaning Before & After
  • Carpet Cleaning by ChemDry Before & After
  • Stain Carpet Cleaning Before & After
  • On The Spot Cleaning Before & After
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