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The Vast Majority of the General Public Has No Idea What They’re Really Getting When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner. Do You?

Let Us Help You Understand Our Place in the Carpet Cleaning Market in Adelaide and How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

After 7 years in the carpet cleaning industry, it still surprises me how often customers lack a proper understanding of the differences between various carpet cleaning systems.

How would you feel if you knew that the carpet cleaning service you’d just paid for was not actually the most suitable choice for the soiling condition of your carpet? Despite the big bucks you’d just paid, how would you feel if your carpet was still hiding dirt and other pollutants, and therefore not a safe environment for your loved ones; primarily your children, toddlers and elderly family members?

carpet cleaning steps & methods compare

Similarly, before I started this business, I had no idea about the differences in carpet cleaning systems! Actually, the only thing I knew about carpet cleaning was that I could hire a DIY machine at the supermarket. At the time, if I’d had to hire a carpet cleaner, I wouldn’t have had a clue about the differences between steam cleaning and dry cleaning, for example, nor which one would be the best choice based on the state of my carpet.

Uninformed decisions can cost you money and leave your safety and health up to chance, but it shouldn’t be like that!

That being said, how do you know if your carpet was superficially or deep cleaned? Which system was used? Dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning, or 8-Stage Cleaning? How can you make a choice if it’s not clear what cleaning steps are included in each option?

The truth is, each system falls under one of these main groups: maintenance cleaning, or restorative cleaning.  Restorative systems are ideal for carpets that have last been cleaned more than 1 year ago and those with medium to heavy soiling; those carpets are in need of deep cleaning.

See this comparative infographic.

If you clicked on the infographic above, then you must have noticed the 8-Stage Carpet Cleaning option. This is a detailed style of deep cleaning designed to bring out the very best from your carpet. In other words, this is how I believe every carpet should be cleaned. 8-Stage Cleaning takes a bit longer and involves more equipment compared to steam, dry, or bonnet cleaning systems, but it’s worth it if you are looking for maximum result.

I started Chem-Dry On The Spot back in 2009, offering the bonnet method for carpet cleaning. After seeing only modest cleaning results, we added our 8-Stage Cleaning option, which helped us to become an overnight success.

Today, most companies do not offer the 8-Stage Cleaning system, because it increases the on-site time for technicians, which increases wages. A few companies might offer this complete service, but at almost double the price that we charge.

How can we offer this comprehensive service without charging you an exorbitant amount?

Quite simply, because we are an owner-operated business, meaning that we have no costs associated with staff.  Also, since the introduction of our 8-Stage Cleaning system, we’ve achieved a much higher customer retention rate, as well as a growing number of referrals and testimonials left by customers on our website, on Google, and on the True Local directory.

Why 8-Stage Cleaning? See infographic.

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