A lot of people think that a carpet is impossible to maintain, but that simply isn’t true. That being said, you can’t treat your carpet badly, and it does require some care to stay looking great.


To ensure that your carpet stays in great shape for many years to come, here is a list of things you should NEVER do to your carpet, as well as what you should do instead!


1. Take Your Shoes Off


Always take your shoes off before walking on carpets.


It can be one of the most effective and immediate ways to maintain the appearance and durability of your carpet. By keeping dirt and soil from outside on the bottom of your shoes instead of pressed into the carpet, you will have to clean your carpets much less frequently and will protect the health of your family by preventing chemical residues (driveway sealants, for example) from being tracked inside.


2. No Scrubbing


The moment you spill something on the carpet, your natural reaction is to scrub it out as fast as possible, as though your rapid determination and effort will be enough to get that spot out. Unfortunately, you probably won’t get it out, and you’ll damage your carpet in the attempt. Spills must be blotted only and preferably with a white cloth until it is fully absorbed from your carpet.


A carpet is composed of thousands of twisted fibres that give the carpet strength. Those knots are essentially locked in place in the manufacturing process with heat, but intense scrubbing can begin to undo that seal and the fibres will unravel. This process is called “blooming” and is very noticeable on your carpet, probably more so than the original stain!


3. Only Use Carpet Cleaners


When you don’t have the right cleaning products for a certain job, it can be tempting to use something else. However, using non-carpet cleaners or some home remedy mixture from the Internet can be disastrous. Using anything except approved carpet cleaners can cause re-soiling, discoloration, bleaching, fading, texture changes, and other very undesirable carpet outcomes.


All-purpose cleaners have no place on your carpet. The market is full of carpet cleaning products that won’t do any damage – just go to the store and get some!


4. Pick Up Furniture


It may mean asking someone for help, but nothing damages carpets faster than dragging heavy furniture across them. You may snag the loops and cause a tear, or even pull the carpet away from the wall and cause ripples.


Always lift things off the carpet, or prepare a sliding space of plywood sheets across the carpet, moving one in front of the other as the piece of furniture is shifted. This will keep your carpets protected, no matter what feng shui you are looking for.


5. Avoid Direct Sunlight on Carpets


The majority of carpets found in residences are susceptible to colour fading over time, particularly if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Depending on the design of your home and the direction of the sun exposure, you may need to make a habit of closing blinds or curtains in the peak sun hours to protect the integrity and colour richness of your carpets.