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Our Solution? The Natural, the Ultimate Cleaning Power Combined with the Highest Safety Standards.

A Non-Toxic Effervescent Carbonating Solution to Bring the WOW Factor Back to Your Carpets.

Natural Rug Cleaning by ChemDry

The Natural is the secret to our Drier.Cleaner.Healthier carpet. It is a green-certified cleaning solution that employs the bubbly properties of carbonation to penetrate deep into your carpet, breaking up dirt and grime and lifting them to the surface to be extracted away from its fibres, rather than forcing them back down.

The Natural is Chem-Dry’s eco-friendly answer to harsh chemicals and their negative health and environmental impacts. The Natural contains no soaps, detergents, surfactants, organic solvents, enzymes, optical brighteners, bleaches, phosphates, petroleum-based materials, thickeners, fragrances, artificial colours, plastics or polymers.

It is safe for kids and pets.

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