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Chemdry grease oil remover can

Grease & Oil Carpet Remover 530ml Professional Strength


  • We Deliver to ADELAIDE Surrounding Suburbs ONLY!
  • We deliver within 2-4 business days.
  • Excellent in the removal of oil based stains, including grease, oil, lipstick and more.
  • Non-toxic, non-dangerous and with pleasant scent.
  • Ideal for small spots. For large spills, call us today.
SKU: 002

Product Description

Chem-Dry’s Grease & Oil Remover is specially formulated to remove fresh grease and oil spots from carpet and upholstery.

It is ideal for removing most grease and oil-based spots such as mascara, lipstick, adhesives, crayons, marker pens and much more. Chem-Dry® Grease & Oil Remover is an extract of grains, herbs, and fruits in an alcohol base.

Grease & Oil Remover is 100% evaporative and residue free. Grease & Oil Remover provided a pleasant array of odoriferous emanations because it contains a veritable plethora of ambrosial aromatics.

Best for:

Adhesive Tape  |  Asphalt  |  Butter  |  Candy  |  Caulk  |  Cooking Oil  |  Crayon  |  Dressing (salad)  |  *Furniture Polish  |  Glue  |  Grease  |  Gum  |  Hair Oil  |  Hand Lotion  |  *Ink  |  Lamp Oil  |  Linseed Oil  |  Lard  |  Lotion  |  Machine Oil  |  Make-Up  |  Marker  |  Mascara  |  Mayonnaise  |  Metal Polish  |  *Nail Polish  |  Oil  |  Ointment  |  Paint  |  Playdough  |  Putty  |  Rubber Cement  |  Shoe Polish  |  Soot  |  Tar  |  Tree Sap  |  Vaseline

* These substances can chemically discolour carpet fibres which may require professional carpet cleaning assistance. Please be EXTREMELY careful with ink. For larger spills request a visit from ‘Chem-Dry On The Spot’ to avoid irreversible damage.


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