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Chemdry fabric protector

Fabric and Upholstery Protector Spray 354g Professional Strength


  • We Deliver to ADELAIDE Surrounding Suburbs ONLY!
  • We deliver within 2-4 business day.
  • Solvent-based fluorochemical product for maximum repellency.
  • Invisible barrier against dirt & stains.
  • Can be safely applied to natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Best if applied right after professional cleaning.

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SKU: 005

Product Description

Chem-Dry Fabric Protector Aerosol is the finest quality, solvent-based fluorochemical soil and stain fabric protector available.

This ready-to-use solution spray can be applied to upholstery, fabric home furnishings, wearing apparel, and most fabrics to provide resistance to most stains and soils.

An application of approximately 2 oz. per square yard of fabric provides incredible fabric protection.


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