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Our 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Chem-Dry On The Spot offers you a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for most of the services we provide. This means that, based on realistic expectations, if you are not totally satisfied with our services we will return to fix any problems. If for any reason we are unable to provide you with a satisfactory cleaning after the second visit, we will promptly refund your money.


a. Urine Treatment—The extraction and treatment of urine deposits in carpets, upholstery and mattresses is one of the most complex jobs due to the nature and severity of the damage. Because urine is a complex mixture of components, it leaves both odours and stains to be treated. It has the potential to ruin your carpet fibres, backing and padding, and even to contaminate the sub floor. In upholstery and mattresses it can seep deeply into the foam, making it very difficult to completely extract. We have all the necessary equipment, solutions, and expertise to perform this particular service, however there is no guarantee that all urine odours and stains will be removed.

b. Stubborn stains—Our cleaning system successfully removes most marks in carpets. However there are stubborn stains such as red wine, cordial, coffee, tea, ink, etc., that usually require a specialised treatment. During this process, we often manage to make significant improvements, but we cannot guarantee the complete removal of permanent stains due to variables such as type of stain, type of carpet, age of the stain, etc., which are beyond our control.

c. Reappearing spots—This common problem is very often resolved by our cleaning method, however there are circumstances in which excessive application of sticky/soapy residue, usually applied by home owners to “fix” spills, can ruin carpet backing and padding, making it very difficult to completely remedy the problem.

d. Negligence—Dirty shoes or feet on damp carpet or soft furnishings leads to quick re-soiling, as damp carpet can pull dirt off the soles. We recommend being cautious until the carpet is completely dry.

e. End of Lease—This policy does not cover re-soiling or footprints as a result of foot traffic during general cleaning, furniture removal, building or maintenance work done at the property during or after the cleaning. We reserve the right to take a photo of the premises after the cleaning in case of any dispute.

Last Update: 22/08/2015