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Scheduled Maintenance Plan

scheduled maintenance plan
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Has a Scheduled Maintenance Plan Been Created to Maintain Your Business Health & Appearance?

Helping Adelaide Businesses to Look Their Best & Sell More the Whole Year Round

We understand that budgets can sometimes be tight and some cleaning expenses might consequently be cut.

However, you don’t need to clean all of your carpets, upholstery, or hardwood flooring every single time you book a commercial carpet cleaner.

Different areas of the building don’t require the same frequency of cleaning. A yearly Scheduled Maintenance Plan can be created to keep your flooring or upholstery in top shape and provide a clean environment for your customers and staff.

We can help you to design a scheduled cleaning plan to cover the whole year and implement some cheap preventative measures to manage daily re-soiling and spills that may occur from time to time.

This program can be designed specifically for carpets only or extended to hard floors (vinyl strip & seal and tiles & grout), as well as leather & upholstery items, such as desk chairs and sofas.

Scheduled Maintenance Plan benefits include:

✔  FREE Colour-Coded Carpet Maintenance Program.

✔  Discounted Rate.

✔  FREE Professional Grade Spot Remover cans to tackle daily spills on carpets & upholstery.

✔  21-Day Payment Terms.


Step 1: You request your FREE Scheduled Program by contacting us online or by phone – 08 8272 2222.

Step 2: We map the area and tailor a recommended scheduled cleaning program based on your type of carpet, amount of traffic, and type of soiling. Some areas may require cleaning only once a year, while others may require servicing every 3 or 6 months.

Step 3: A progressive discounted rate is offered according to cleaning frequency. Some high-traffic commercial locations may require more frequent cleaning. The more you use our services, the more of a rate reduction you get throughout the year. On the first visit, our regular rate is applied, which lowers each time we return during the full 12-month calendar year.

Step 4: It is a Contract-FREE Service.

Request Your FREE Scheduled Maintenance Plan Today.

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

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