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Vinyl Strip & Seal Cleaning

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Amazing Vinyl Flooring Professional Cleaning Makeover In Just a Few Hours

Adelaide’s Shiniest Vinyl & Linoleum Strip & Seal Service

Renovating your old and tired vinyl or linoleum floor can enhance your living space and create a modern feel in the house without the hassle and expense of having to replace it.

Whether you have vinyl or linoleum in your home, our cleaning method is suitable.

We have done countless vinyl floor strip & seals in Adelaide for homes and businesses with fantastic results. It is our commitment to use only the finest chemicals and top-quality sealant for longer durability.

Vinyl Life Expectancy

Modern vinyl has a typical 20-25 year life expectancy, with many brands working to reduce the need for intensive cleaning.

However, the majority of vinyl and linoleum floors still require periodic strip and seal service to maintain their shine and protect them from daily wear and tear. The stripping of the old worn sealant and the re-application of top-quality new coating helps to prevent dirt and sand from directly scratching and ruining the surface of the unprotected vinyl, revitalising its original colour and brilliance.

Benefits of Our Flooring Strip & Seal:

✔  Extends wear life.

✔  Reduces scuffs on flooring

✔  Extremely durable.

✔  High gloss look.

✔  Deep clear finish.

✔  Non–yellowing.

✔  Resists discolouration.

✔  AS/NZS 4586 Slip resistance classification (very low).

The frequency of this service will depend on the following:

✔  Traffic intensity.

✔  Appropriate daily cleaning.

✔  The quality of the sealant used during the last strip & seal service.

We have noticed that business in the childcare sector require shorter intervals (6-12 months), as compared to homes or business offices, which can often stay in good condition for up to 2 years.

If this is an old project that you have been waiting, waiting, and waiting to check off your list, but it never happened, then take action now!

More questions? Learn more at Vinyl Strip & Seal FAQ.

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Vinyl Strip & Seal Cleaning   Vinyl Strip & Seal Cleaning

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